Photography is a serious avocation for me. I enjoy the solitude of traveling around with my cameras and looking at the world through ground glass. Film photography - the old fashioned kind - holds a particular interest for me. Something about the anticipation of taking the shot and then having to wait several days to see the result. All of the photographs on this page were taken with my father'sYashika 124-Mat G twin lens reflex. It's a very good old camera, trustworthy, easy to use and iconic; a poor man's Rolleiflex. It reminds me of my father and I consider it a dear old friend.

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Silo with Rainbow, Sheridan Lake Colorado
Sheridan Lake, Colorado

This photo was taken just outside of Sheridan Lake Colorado as a spectacular storm approched. The silver, galvanized quonset hut acted like an enormous bounce card, reflecting the setting sunlight onto the back of the silo. The rainbow was very cooperative.

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High Plains Drama, Sheridan Lake, Colorado

Sheridan Lake, Colorado

If you look closely at the weeds in the foreground, you can see how forceful the wind was blowing. I had to stand on the base of my tripod with the full weight of my body to keep the camera steady.

Stump Pile, Sheridan Lake, Colorado Sheridan Lake, Colorado

Same day, same storm. All of the photos in the Sheridan Lake series happened very quickly. At one point, a farm boy came to investigate my trespassing on his father's land. I employed him to open and feed me rolls of 120 Velvia while I continued to shoot the unfolding drama.
Bone Pile, Sheridan Lake, Colorado
Sheridan Lake, Colorado

This place got to me and I really will go back someday.
Still Life, Durango, Colorado Durango, Colorado

I love to shoot scare-crows. If you see me in your garden with my camera, please understand; I can't pass it up.
Recreational Vehicle in Repose, Durango, Colorado Vallecito, Colorado

I rented an Airstream trailer while in Vallecito. The people inhabiting the trailer park became accustomed to my wanderings about. They were a happy and nomadic cult of fire-roasted hot-dog and marshmallow eaters.
Lemon Lake Cabin, Vallecito, Colorado Lemon Lake, Colorado

Old Colorado has a grip on my heart and I hope to end up back there someday. There are still a few places that haven't been sullied by ostentatious and ill conceived mansionettes. With a little TLC, I could live in this old log cabin until my dying days.
Number 10, Durango, Colorado Durango, Colorado

This image was captured at the old Durango Fairgrounds. I think it has since been demolished and rebuilt all new and improved. Bet the new stables don't have fire-engine red stall doors like this.
Slide, near Red Mesa, Colorado Red Mesa, Colorado

This contrasty still life required a black and white film negative. I spent an hour or so looking through the view finder and adjusting my tri-pod, waiting for the sun and clouds to cooperate. My patience was rewarded with this engaging image.

This image is a scan of a print made by my friend, Kansas City artist and photographer Jim Walker.
Combination Machine, near Red Mesa, Colorado Red Mesa, Colorado

A farmer just parked this amazing old combine one day, jumped off and walked away. I was stunned by its surreal dignity. It refuses to give up hope, waiting for the farmer to return with some fresh gear-oil or maybe a new drive chain.

Ain't gonna happen.
Massey Ferguson, Near Bayfield Colorado Bayfield, Colorado

The photograph is just a trigger for the memory of an amazing experience. I'll never forget standing in this valley waiting for the sun to set on this old farm implement.
Marta (Double Cross), Somewhere in the Southwest
Southwest Colorado

This headstone might say more about the living than the dead.
Lucky Soul, Somewhere in the Southwest.
Southwest Colorado

Last stand for a VIP; amazing.
Trinket Memorial, Location Secret.
Southwest Colorado

Another view of the gravesite above; tiny memorial objects tied to the barbed wire fence.
Stone Heart Memorial, Location Secret Southwest Colorado

The hand-carved stone heart says it all.
Woodsweather Cafe, Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri

The Woodsweather Cafe in one of its perpetual mutations. If you're familiar with the West Bottoms in Kansas City, you're probably familiar with this little greasy spoon. The wall in the background is the Missouri River Levee.
Bridges at Kaw River, Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri

There are several steel bridges that span the Kaw near the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers in Kansas City. I like to visit at diferent times of the year to experience the constant interplay of light, sky, water and structure.
Train Bridge at the Kaw, Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri

Another bridge over the Kaw. Steel bridges like this are becoming rare.